Welcome to the family

Actually it has been already the third tour with my new family member – the Pugsley. Still not completely finished it’s about time to at least present it to the public. And my opinion? What shall I say … the magic carpet is finally real. Rides fine on any surface including trails but it’s of course not that plushy fully. Although one of my intentions was having a fully field servicable ride for more independent tours, I’ve sacrificed the maybe biggest advantage of a fat bike –the possibility to swap wheels front and back – for having a generator hub. To my opinion it makes much more sense to always have light and an option for recharging or operating various electronic gadgets like GPS, camera, mobile a.s.o. over a possibility that will be rarely of use – especially when hauling around my precious.

Downsides so far: Definitely the weight penalty. It’s not that it’s really present while pedaling straight ahead or climbing but I felt a lot more exhausted on the evenings after I had a ride. But maybe my muscles get used to it somewhen.


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