We’re back

Starting as planned, conincidences accumulated in progress … The first day riding mostly through the Allgäu area actually brought quite the tour as planned. Various ground conditions ranging from busy roads to small meadow single trails and changing surroundings from small villages followed by hilly open fields to dark and cosy woods kept us from getting bored. What I loved especially was the fact that one can plan a tour in advance as carefully and smart as one can but it’s always a surprise what it looks in real then. On the map you see that there will be a short distance on a hiking trail but that you’ll end up crossing a little river by a very lively plank bridge after following a beautyful small waterfall down there one could not imagine.

We were a little behind schedule and as it started getting dark so we decided that we should have a look for somewhere to sleep although the plan was to be some kilometres ahead at that time. Sneaking around the town of Oberammergau we finally found a camping site around quarter to 10 pm – registration closes at 10 pm. Everything worked out fine except I’ve forgotten the tent pegs. Ricky went in to ask the receptionist if they might some some spare ones and ended up coming out with a big grin and a key to a small hut that fitted both our bikes and had enough room to have a comfortable sleep .. “So we don’t have to pitch up the tent in darkness”, the receptionist said. Lovely.

The next day our delay turned out beeing perfect as the next kilometres crossing over to Walchensee took us a little into the mountains, along a rough hiking trail, up some steep rocky climbs and through various creeks. Except for some other biking fellows and hikers no sign of civilisation for some hours. The perfect way to start a new day. Doing this at the end of last day, late at night, is not such a good picture …

Once we arrived at Walchensee, the tourism-oriented environment made me sad a little. But we had a short stop anyway and took advantage in it by purchasing a nice icecream. At the opposite side while havin a longer lunch break, we received the message that Ricky’s friend went to hospital as the wound became inflamed and she had to cancel our meeting. We decided to go on as planned, at least to Schliersee.

Reaching Tegernsee one valley prior to Schliersee, we unintentionally left the planned route and followed the lake to its southern end. At already 7 pm we decided to not go back up north and had a look for a southern route around the mountains dividing the two valley from each other. We found a way on the map. We knew it would be a little to climb. It turned out to be only 5 km. But a climb of 500 m and a downhill of 500 m. After having already about 100 km of riding that day .. Strange I took no pictures of that … Anyway, we made it, found a camping site, had a shower, a beer and a pizza and decided to go to Munich the other day to visit some friends from bikepolo.

Arriving at Munich we headed straight to Eddy’s Geheimrad but he was on holiday unfortunately. We went on to the awesome Guten Biken to see if Markus is maybe around. He luckily was and even offered us to stay at his place which we thankfully accepted. We had a nice afternoon walking around the city and went to a nice open air cinema to watch an even nicer documentary. The next day started with another walk around Munich, followed by a long, boring train ride and ended by riding the last 20 km from Friedrichshafen to Meersburg/Konstanz by bike as we missed the last catamaran – which was actually a way nicer finish to this tour.


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