Wet chamois

I had four wheels available this weekend and we spontaneously decided to head south for some nice hiking. The weather check turned out to be not a blast but we counted on our luck for having at least not a whole day full of rain. Now where to go? Never went on top of the Altmann so I focused it for a while but then discarded it for it’s little climbing part at the top beeing to risky with the rainy weather forecast. But, well .. then I found the Gamsberg. Other persons pictures of the tour made me want to see it in real so bad and hike it myself. We decided to do it, go there and have a look if it’s possible to do with the weather conditions as it is basically the same as with the Altmann – easy hiking until the last part that requires a little of climbing. Arrived quite late. Then managed to miss the entrance and run around the entire Voralpsee which took us another hour. After asking a local mountain farmer we finally started ascending. Occasional rain showers and clouds later we had a break at the Oberlänggli hut. Clouds came, dropped some rain and went up and by. We continued ascending until the “railroad track” entrance to the climbing part. 20 metres inside we then decided to let it go for it was simply too wet to be safe enough .. though the rocks were not too slippy surprisingly .. Took some more pictures and went back to the car .. Definitely not the last time I’ve been there!


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