Ruins and volcanos

We’ve been busy the past weekend. Saturday is already covered – leaves the sunday.

In the ancient times, the Hegau area has been formed by volcanic activities. Not so long ago, the remains turned out to be the perfect spots to build fortresses on top. Which the people did. Extensively. There has been or is one on top of almost every cone. The Hohentwiel fortress we visited has been build, damaged, rebuild and expanded many, many times until it finally ended up being the biggest fortress ruins in whole Germany. And a beautiful one. The lowest level is for free and if you want to see the inside it costs you € 3,50  – which I think is a fair price to pay for preserving such a richness of history. The area is pretty much open so you can go wherever you are able to, including cellars. The only downside was a bit of a  lack of information on the buildings, there construction and stuff  .. some plates with a short summary only. Maybe there was some kind of an audio guide or a booklet but I didn’t see anyone walking around with such. Anyway, has been great fun and is definitely recommended! (Following pictures show only some spots and do not cover the entire area.)


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