Cheering up

Dealing with permanent fog, lousy temperatures and waiting for the mountains finally getting their winter coat makes me feel quite a bit depressive at the moment .. But sometimes you get a spontaneous idea that turns out to be brilliant. On friday, quite bored, hungering for something to happen, I was wondering how the Pugsley would feel as a normal MTB. So I got myself my favorite (my commuting bike sports one as well) low riser bar (Easton EA50), ripped off the rack and the recently installed fenders and went out with Ricky for a little Saturday spin. Well .. Incredible fun! Though it’s still an 18 kg bike (19 before that diet), it feels like you constantly have to play and try things, hop around, go this way, go that way … you name it. Guess the Jones Bar – as nice as it is – and all of that touring stuff will stay in the shelf for a while ..

I’ve been also thinking about dropping some weight, especially with the wheels but .. made the mistake to go for 36 spokes instead of 32 when building it. This means no lighter (marge lite, trialtech) or different (rabbit hole) rims for me. And selling the nearly new Rohloff and SON for getting 32h versions? No way .. What’s plus/minus two kilograms anyway? Well, if it bugs me long enough I’ll  do it like Vik. Conclusion: If you like to experiment, get it 32 hole when building one!


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