Board Season

Winter has hit us hard the last week and conditions for Snowboarding are significantly increasing. If we had only knew this some weeks ago … We had planned a trip to Stubai glacier in Tirol a while ago for getting into the season and all that … and didn’t want to cancel for it should be a gathering of some friends from all over, including areas that have no mountains at their doorstep. So we went and made the best out of it. The snow conditions around there weren’t as awesome as in the closer areas we had to drive through. Temperatures around -17 °C and strong winds at 50 km/h. Calculating the windchill means this is a butt freezing -43 °C .. which was the main reason I took like only 2 pictures near a building. No chance of getting out the camera around the slopes. At least it was sunny, our guesthouse was nice, original, cozy and affordable and Ricky did a great job learning to ride a snowboard in a mere two days. Thumbs up for that!

Ski resorts are normally not my favorite area to ride so there’s a backcountry tour planned for the upcoming Saturday. Keep the fingers crossed for good conditions and weather.


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