Sun, powder and friends

Originally planned for last weekend, our tour got postponed due to pretty unpleasant conditions. But waiting turned out to be the best we could do. Forecast for this week: Monday snowfall, Tuesday snowfall, Wednesday sun, Thursday snowfall, Friday snowfall. So guess what we did. Awesome conditions .. I got vacations, sun was shining the entire day, no wind, quite warm, perfect snow. Avalanche forecast was at level 3 so we picked some appropriate tours and decided on spot to take the one up to Rosswis. Interestingly, that’s a neighbor peak of Gamsberg I went up with Ricky some months ago.

The tour is about 1000 m of elevation which is a good tour for the seasons start. Sometimes a bit flat and a short decent in between makes the tour more suitable for skiing and more exhausting for snowboarders like us but we had the luck that there have already been two guys in front of us laying the track which saved us a lot of energy. And the awesome powder outweighted every struggle. But seeing the easyness of Stefan running up the track with his splitboard makes me think a little to get one myself …



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