Pug and Troll

We went to Ricky’s parents for Christmas and I took the advantage of getting some shots of our (almost) all terrain rides, especially because Ricky recently finished building her Troll. From what she’s saying she’s totally in love with it … Want some specs?

Ricky’s Troll (around 13 kg in total)
– 18″ Surly Troll
– Complete Shimano XT drivetrain, crank, shifters
– SLX brakes (amazing performance/cost value!), 180 mm front and back
– Salsa Gordo rims laced to a White Industries MI6 in the rear and a SON 28 in the front, DT spokes
– Wellpriced Cannondale seatpost and short 50 mm stem (to compensate the large frame and for more control)
– Easton EA70 bars with ergon grips
– Chris King NoThreatSet
– Schmidt Edelux light
– Tubus rack
– Continental Race Kings (for they were laying around .. let’s see how long they’ll last)
– SKS Velo 65 fenders (awesome ones, can mount them as quick release or stationary using an intelligent strut kit.

For the looks (and her admire of the brand) I gave her a Tune Schraubwürger seat post clamp :)


My Pugsley (around 18 kg)
– 20″ Surly Pugsley, 100 mm fork
– Surly Large Marge rims (XC front, DH rear), Toobs Schwalbe 13F tubes, and Endomorphs
– Rohloff and SON 28, Sapim spokes
– Avid BB7 brakes + SD7 levers (awesome performance for the money, easily field servicable), 160 mm front and back (need larger ones in the future)
– Phil Wood BB (the offset one + wider cups)
– White Industries cranks
– Chris King Headset
– Syntace P6 seatpost, F109 stem
– Easton EA50 bars as a replacement for the Jones Loop H Bars (lovely bars – no question, but I feel more comfortable with straight bar) Syntace Vector Carbon bars, 650 mm
– Ergon grips (right one cut to fit the Rohloff shifter)
– Schmidt Edelux light
Brooks saddle Ergon SM3 (small)
– Surly rack Revelate Viscacha, Sweetroll + large pocket, Feedback, selfmade framebag
– Wippermann Connex 9sX chain (my alltime favorite)
– Nukeproof  Electron (w/ ZLDA straps) or Time ATAC XC4

If you got some questions on the builds, feel free to leave a comment.


4 thoughts on “Pug and Troll

  1. I’m guessing that you’re front fork is the 100mm wide one and not the 135mm fork? I’m curious because I love my dynohub and would like to mount on on a set of Marg Lites for my Neckro Pug.

    1. Yeah, exactly. The necro pugs was sold as a frame only and I ordered the 100 mm pugs fork together with it. Works nice, though you have to loose some air (just enough to squeeze it to the rim’s width) to get the tire past the brake caliper. But it’s still a pugsley fork so better go with the 4″ tires for mud clearance etc. But seems like some people succesfully tried to squeeze 5″ ones into it.

    1. Well, been riding it for quite a decent time, leather was broken in fine but I somehow tended to always slide to the back and find my bones on the metal bar that’s holding together the back of the saddle. No matter how I did adjust the saddle. Then I’ve been reading some good things about the SM3 and just decided to give it a try and so far it works fine for me. Maybe it was just the Team Pro that didn’t fit me that well as I once had the chance to have a short ride on a Swallow which felt great. But that was only a short ride. So in general I don’t think that there’s something wrong with the Brooks saddles. You just have to find the right one for your bones and brake it in. Unfortunately, they take a damn long time to feel good .. which makes trying new ones a long and painful issue.

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