Nice and easy

What to do with 30 cm of fresh snow, a forecast predicting mostly sunshine but an avalanche level of 3? Well, take it easy and go for a nice, nearby peak that’s rounded by some shallow flanks (ok, not too shallow ..) and enjoy. A friend invited me to come along with him and some other fellows that either wanted to try touring or do it again for it’s been a while for them. A funny bunch of six guys on boards, spring like weather and fresh snow .. What could be more fun? Ok, it seemed like everybody was thinking that way over there – so many people, it felt like beeing in a ski resort. Anyway, we found some nice (mostly) untouched snow and had great fun surfing down there.


Well, in between I somehow managed to switch my camera to my black & white custom mode I once put together for portraits and didn’t recognized it until we had arrived at the peak .. Wheel locks seem to be not that needless as I thought them to be. The pictures turned out to be not that bad though.



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