Through the woods

Not many words to leave on that .. Went out for a nice afternoon ride through the local woods searching for some trails as always. Afterwards I immediately ordered a pair of my favorite clipless pedals (Bikepolo approved – sturdy as hell at a reasonable price) because my front wheel slipped in the mud and my foot got trapped in the strap and I did the good old splashing into the mud thing. Already arrived, mounted, tested and found to be perfect. Surprisingly they build a lot higher then the previous flat pedals and I had to lift the seatpost quite a bit. But maybe that’ll make my behind feel more comfortable as well. Has to be tested further ..


Looking back to Konstanz from my favorite barbecue spot at the Rhine river.


Same spot. Lovely place to see the sunset and have a beer .. or two.


A bit further at Kuhhorn, a public bathing area.


Found one!


Bushwacking and birds watching.


That area next to the border is covered with a lot of WW2 era bunkers.


Well, Ricky had fenders ..


Me not.


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