Winter room

We – Stefan, his brother Tim and his girlfriend Lisa, Thomas and me – went out for a little overnighter in the area of Lechquellengebirge in Austria. Though we still had to walk a little along the road to get to the starting point, we were lucky enough to literally get the last parking lot. Following the massively used track, we went up to the winter room of the Biberacher Hütte at 1846 m which meant a climbing of around 800 m. Tim and Lisa decided to stay and Thomas, Stefan and me dropped most of our stuff – which was quite a lot, winter room always means being self-contained – to go on for some little fun riding. First we jumped directly into the hill in front of our hut, got up the opposing hill (the flank of Glattjöchlspitze) the fast we could to ride that as well before the sun goes down. That additional 250 m were definitely worth it. I would go that far to say it was the 2 days best ride for the snow being quite nice and consistent on that slope ..

Well, the snow – maybe the worst part of this tour. Though we had 2 days of bright sunshine – which normally makes you ignore not so perfect things – it hasn’t been snowing for quite a while and the conditions varied from quite powdery to hard as rock areas within a few metres .. And from simply looking at it, nobody would see the difference. I had to struggle a lot the next day riding down to our car. Before that, we packed our things and went up the Hochkünzelspitze (2397 m), another 600 m of altitude. The peak itself is not ridable so we left our boards and stuff, took out the ice axes and climbed the rest which was definitely worth it. We could even see the Feldberg which is a 150 km air-line distance ..

All in all it has been a great weekend I would not have missed. The area, though maybe a little crowded in summer time, is definitely worth a visit.


Getting the stuff together at our “parking lot” ..


Up it goes .. quickly in to the sun. The temperature difference was huge the first day!


Oh it felt so good ..


99.5 % blue sky.


During a break, Stefan got up this cornice to test its stability. He jumped und jumped but nothing happened, so he got down.


Architecture photography ..


Our first-day-evening-fun-hill. We went up to the shadowy cut a little right and down the peak.


Arriving. The closed-during-wintertime Biberacher Hütte and it’s winter room to the right.


Windows perfectly in line with the sunset. The peak in the back was our second day’s destination.


It has been snowing a while ago ..


Mountain lonelyness? Not in here .. at least in summertime.


Click me! Atop our first day evening fun slope. Sadly left the camera at the hut and had to take the shot with my mobile’s camera .. Somewhere in the middle it is and at the far left our next day’s destination.


Sunset view out the winter room’s window.


That damn full moon was so bright you could ride without headlamps.


Sun is almost gone .. leaving a smooth curtain of rose light.


Thomas and Stefan try to light up the oven and get some snow to turn into water .. it took a while.


Well rested and invigorated we started in to the next day.


Stefan made his own track.


The structures .. I love the structures snow can create!


Slowly some clouds came in.


Left our stuff behind this boulder to get on top of the peak.


Nope .. Thats just the peak before the peak.


Anyway, the view was the same.


Thats the path to the peak. A little down and then a little up.


Stefan and me went alone.


Fun it was.


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