Spring preview

It’s been quiet in here for a while .. not without a reason though. We went on vacation to escape the recent ugly weather. Destination? Well, never thought I’d ever go there .. but Mallorca it was. Luckily it’s off-season at the moment and many people told me that there are nice places besides mainstream- and party-tourism. Only thing you’ll always find is race bikers .. everywhere. Seems like Mallorce is the official training camp for Germany. Anyway, if you give it a try you can find original places, quiet villages, peace and nature. At least we did.

Actually we visited a friend of Ricky, who she got to know during her bike mechanic apprenticeship. His girlfriend Roxy is running a bike station – Roxybike – and we were able to get some really nice bikes for some days to explore the local trails … Liteville, yesss! Due to lack of space at their home, our choice of accommodation was couchsurfing.org where we immediately found Gregor, who was so kind to host us the entire 7 days. Big, big thanks out to you! Turned out that he is most likely the nicest guy one could ever meet and be hosted by. After traveling around the world for several years, he had the opportunity of renting a rustic Finca situated outside the town of Capdepera. He decided to stay for a while. Follow a small road up the flank of a hill, winding between some various other estates until you reach its end .. and you’re in paradise. Not being connected to water and electricity, the house works using a cistern and good old gravity; power comes from a solar panel fueling truck batteries then being converted into 12V ending up lighting the place using LEDs all over. Heating goes by using the huge walkable fireplace. Using it is reserved to the evenings. I mean it’s south .. you sit at the terrace in a T-Shirt, eating breakfast, enjoying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and letting the sun warm you up – in February! Awesome.

We spend the first days riding trails in the northeastern area as well as the western part – the Serra Tramuntana, which is quite alpine with peaks up to 1600 m. In the middle of our time we closed the riding part by participating in one of Roxy’s guided tours which took us through 7 bays and ended by filling up our energy with luxuriously prepared pasta. I can highly recommend guided tours – especially hers – for you can simply ride and not constantly have to have a look on where to go and where not and if it’s possible to get back out there .. and the like. Also they do definitely know the good trails you’ll never find.

After we returned the bikes, we went hiking, explored caves with Gregor, got around the island by car, helped Gregor collecting wood and helping around the house, went to the beaches, followed by more hiking, hung out at Mike’s place – who is a neighbor of Gregor – and ended in relaxing at the Finca and let our souls breathe.

It was a wonderful and rich week full of nice people and experiences. Thanks Gregor, Roxy, Nik, Mike  and all the others we met for having such a week with you!

.. I took around 800 pics during the 8 days and it’s nearly impossible to decide which ones to post. So I’m gonna show only some and even leave them uncommented as there are too many stories to be told for each pic which would be require additional pics  for proper explanation –  too much work and required space for now. Imagine it’s a slideshow, relax and scroll down a little and get lost in Mallorcas beautiful nature. If you have questions or simply like to know things .. feel free to ask.


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