Finally a tour again! Escaped the Lake Constance’s foggy hull and went to the Gemsfairenstock, which is situated directly at the border of Glarus and Uri. What makes this tour special, is an ascend of around 1000 m but a downhill of nearly 2000 m. The key is a small cable car that brings you up to 2000 m from where the tour to the peak (close to 3000 m) starts. The ascend is almost a little boring but it surprisingly didn’t feel very long to reach the peak. Seems like it was the perfect day as there were a least 50 other people around and the track more like a highway …

The downhill was great fun though you’ll have to ride pretty much close to your track until you reach the cable car station. From there you descend into a wonderful wood. Trees and bushes on a hilly ground, small clearings, a niew view and new terrain every second or corner, coated in marvellous snow. Simply set your line and feel the flow! Love it. At the end you exit directly on to a sled track which belongs to the cable car station and leads you back.

Awesome area around there with a wonderful view of the famous Tödi. Area is definitely bookmarked for further touring!


2 thoughts on “Sunburn

    1. Yeah, the often underestimated spontaneous multiple personality disorder due to lower oxygen level and high doses of UVA/B rays that is. ;)

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