1st of May

National Holidays in Germany, thousands of people everywhere, fleamarkets, barbecues, hiking .. We didn’t really want to join these masses and went for a ride around the Überlinger See which is the northwestern arm of Lake Constance. Of course we didn’t ride the official bike lanes as they were crowded as well and cut our way through to woods, trying to take as many trails as possible – which went quite well. It’s a shame how many awesome hiking trails are prohibited to ride – which we did anyway and what turned out to be less stress than estimated. All in all the round was 65 km in total with 900 m up and down. Of course we had to ride a little tarmac as well but with all the trails we dicovered, the ride has been a blast. There’s a lot of potential in this area yet to be explored.


3 thoughts on “1st of May

  1. Hello Andi,

    What kind of fenders are you using? Are they DIY? They look nice, are you satisfied with them?


    1. Yes, they are selfmade. It used to be some kind of a portfolio for artwork/drawings and such things. The plastic is solid and tough PP (Polypropylene). Just cut it in to size, added some standard fender struts (SKS it was, I think ..) and an L-shaped thing to the front one – using rivets. The rear one has a screw on the bottom and one on the bridge between the seat stays. Both fenders are a little wider than the tire so there are cut-outs on the sides where it passes the seat/chain stays and the fork’s legs. The rear one is still long as I was using a rack for a while. Got rid of that and since then just rubber-banded it to the seatbag. Maybe I’ll cut it down so it just reaches the bottom of the bag and fills the gap.

      Works surprisingly great. The front’s upper could have been a little longer .. maybe even adding a strut there as well or bolt it to a small rack or someting like that. Depite that, totally satisfying. Also pretty light, if thats important to you.

  2. Thanks! One these days I’m gonna give it a try using your instructions. At the moment I could only get bright blue PP so first have to track down a less loud color :)

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