I once again realized that the area around Lake Constance is indeed nice for ones eye but so heavily tourism-congested and completely overcrowded .. We rode through the northestern area, heading towards the Pfänder. In an attempt to avoid the electrical powered 50+ masses and endless paved bicycle highways we got a little north. Only to hop from one apple orchards dead end track to the next. Not that we didn’t find any dirt and single tracks at all, but it felt like digging for platinum .. It got better when we arrived at the foot of the Pfänder. Finally some gravel roads and a little hiking trails. On top, we pitched our tent, and had some sleep – Rick more, me less. After a morning coffee, we went up the viewpoint and planned to meet up with Ricky’s father  in Bregenz, as he was cycling around Lake Constance in training for the upcoming Iron Man. So we had quite a pleasant gravel road downhill (fat tires love this stuff), only to then wait an entire hour for nobody to arrive. No phone call or message either. Don’t know what happened there. Then we discovered the tour’s best part – the Cafesito. Good vibes and delicious coffee and bagels.

A little frustrated by now beeing completely in the center of civilisation again and having no time and effort to get up the Pfänder again to explore it’s eastern areas – which would have been most likely the kind of tracks and trails we were looking for – we rushed the bike highway back to Friedrichshafen, to take the ferry back home. Not been my most favorite tour ..

The few and almost all highlights:


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