Been quiet for a while, not doing much. Have build some bikes though .. More on that later. Finally managed to get out in the Alps, heading the Via Ferrata atop the Karhorn ridge in Austria. Nice one, easy and fast to access with a long time inside and a not too long way back. We’ve been accompanied by Flo and Hagen, who are both friends and former flatmates of me. We did both parts, the first one beeing quite easy and good for getting back into this, the second part beeing a little harder and more exposed. All in all, it’ll take you about six hours. If you’re lucky with the weather you’ll have a nice 360 degree view, as the mountain is completely isolated to all sides and with an atitude of about 2400 m not too low either. Therefor quite popular as well ..

Tried a different picture style this time. Just felt like doing so.


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