The good snow! We finally found enough of it in one area! I did a spontaneous tour with Flo atop the Fulfirst (2384 m). Been to a peak next to it and another in autum already. It’s one of the closest higher area you can reach from Konstanz. Fulfirst turned out to be the better suited for snowboard touring (compare to Rosswis) as there are less flat stretches and no counter ascent. Unfortunately the weather forecast didn’t hold it’s promise of a cloudy morning turning into sunshine in the afternoon. Instead, we found ourselves in a permanent pea-soup. That’s been a bit of a pitty as the upper part would have been a marvellous downhill. Further down in between the trees, the sight was good enough, though. We took a different downhill then we went up and found ourselves in this hilly, flowing, covered with something that could almost be called powder, tree interspersed heaven. Best downhill this winter!


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