I’m a 1985 born Media Designer that loves to be outdoors. My favorite thing is building bikes of any kind and ride them. In between I love to hike, climb Via Ferratas and do whatever outdoor sports I get the chance to try. During winter time, I set out for backcountry snowboard tours. I currently live and work near Lake Constance in southern Germany.

Though I like to take photos, sometimes it’s better to take none – riding downhill an awesome trail for example. As much as I like to have photos of that and other people that I ride with, I enjoy it more to just ride.

Feel free to contact me on anything you want to know about me, gear and travels. If you are interested in photos, we can work that out as well.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the MSR Dromedary bag setup. What kind of minimalist rack do you have on that pugs and are those of the 4 liter variety? How have they worked for you? Thanks!

    1. Jep, those are the 4 litre ones. Like them a lot, beefy (they froze solid quite some times – no problems) though not too heavy and the eyelets around the corners make them very versatile for attaching them to various stuff. The rack is nothing special, just a Surly Nice Rack that had some struts sawn off. I mounted some hooks to the chain stays to hook the bottom eyelet in and then just strapped them to the rack on the top. Worked quite fine though my hook attachment hasn’t been stable enough and I ended up having them zip tied to the chain stays. That worked just fine though I wasn’t able to remove them if I wanted to. Usability wise they’re ok. If you hang them with the valve facing down, it’s very nice to fill your drinking bottle though you have to lay the bike on the side to refill it. The other way round, with the valve facing upwards, it’s easy to refill though a little more complicated to fill up your bottle when the bladder is less than half-full. But that’s just if you’re too lazy to take them off. ;)

      To summarize:
      + tough & durable
      + no cracked/lost bottles/cages
      + easy to strap to everything
      + packs away small when not needed
      – requires additional bottle/cup to drink (the additional hydration kit is crap – dont buy that)
      – weight is all in one place
      – if mounted fixed, refilling/getting water out can be a little more inconvenient
      – can’t use a SteriPen (unless you want to treat the water bottle by bottle when filling the bladder)

      Oh, and in contrast to other people that posted their reviews in the net, I couldn’t find any rubbery/plasticy taste to the water.

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